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These are a few of our favorite pictures..  Not all of  the pictures on this page are of our horses.  This page contains pictures of Brabants from around the world.   This page is graphic intense, but I hope the wait is worth it.

TommyPlow.jpg (69073 bytes) Tommy Flowers plowing with "Rocky and Bulah" stallion and mare, at Doodle Hill Plow Day in South Georgia. In this picture they are both 2 years old.   5/1998
Annie Flowers plowing the corn field with "Rocky and Bulah".    2/1999 AnniePlow.jpg (67337 bytes)
RockyandBulah.jpg (46102 bytes) Milkwood Farms Bruno "Rocky", stallion and Portia's Little Bulah, mare. Rocky is 100% imported blood line out of Eros Van't Berrekenshof.  Bulah is 75% imported bloodlines, also out of Eros. They both have Babar in their lineage, another imported stallion.   2/1999
Annie Flowers with Rocky and Bulah pulling the haybaler. This was our first oats crop.    5/1999 Annie.jpg (58222 bytes)

Bulah and Rocky drilling oats with an Ontario grain drill, we plant about 9 acres each year. Miss Hannah is helping Tommy with the driving. Hannah is 4, the horses are 3. 11/1999


This is Big Thunder Rosie, blue roan mare, and her 1999 fi Tilly of Tillsonburg. In her lineage are Baron ten Roobos, and Bloc van Velzeke, 2 of the stallions imported by Anne Harper.     6/1999


This picture came to us from Mrs. Tricia Chelburg. She took the photo in Europe on a  recent trip. It shows a team of  blue roan Brabants, hooked to a wagonette,  out for a little exercise.   7/1999
Mr. Stu Rooke of Ontario, Canada, out for a ride with 2 of his mares, Rosie and Kady.  1998
        Stu Rooke competing in a county plowing match in Ontario. In this photo he is using the mares Alex and Kady. Stu placed first in the Canadian National Plowing Match of 1999, sulky plow division.   1998
This is the 6 year old stallion, Big Thunder Barik.  Barik was foaled in California, sold into British Columbia, sold into Ontario, sold into Iowa, and now resides in Minnesota. He is a blue roan out of the Baron ten Roobos lineage.   1998


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